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Janitorial and Property Management Services in Calumet City, Illinois

Commercial and Industrial Janitorial Services

Property Management & Preservation

A beautiful property is the key to running a successful business. Whether you are looking to impress a customer or client or to sell a vacant space, you'll get the results you want after using our janitorial services.


Keeping your property looking great doesn't have to be a challenge. Taylor Properties, Inc., provides you with the property management and preservation services your investment requires to make sure it stays attractive and profitable.

Contact our janitorial and property management service at taylorproperties@contractors-gov.org (708) 933-6364 for the best in janitorial and property preservation services located in Calumet City, Illinois.

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About Us

Enhance the look of your property with complete services from our janitorial and property management service in Calumet City, Illinois. Taylor Properties, Inc., has been family-owned since 2010 and offers a wide array of related services, including property management, preservation, and janitorial services, to help you maintain your commercial or residential property. This will help keep you from having to hire multiple businesses to clean up and care for any type of property you own.

Founded in August of 2010 by Donta Taylor and Debra James, our janitorial and property management company was founded on a desire to meet the needs of our community with a wide range of necessary services. With fast response times and cost-efficient services, we are able to satisfy your needs quickly and affordably.

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